Fashion on the Lake

What to Wear and What NOT to Wear on the Lake

If you’re planning a fun daytime boating trip then today’s outfits should inspire you.  There is nothing wrong with looking sharp on the water, but the primary reasons to choose clothing for your boating adventure are comfort and safety. Boating is all about casual style.   A great bathing suit, a pair of colorful boat shoes, a tote to carry a cover-up , a towel, and good pair of sunglasses (polarized preferred) may be all you need but don’t forget the PF’S!!

When you’re on a boat, the temperature can change dramatically; when the boat’s not moving, your boiling hot and when it starts hitting faster speeds, you end up shivering from the wind and spray.  Layering is a very good idea.

Thin windproof, lightweight jackets pack up to almost nothing in a nylon tote.  To test a windbreaker for effectiveness, try to blow through it while you’re in the store.  If you feel your breath on the other side, pick up another. Since you’re probably wearing a swimsuit, you want to wear some easy pull-on pants.  For a top, any tee will do but a nice summery button-down shirt with sleeves to protect your skin is best.  Heavy woolen sweaters are not a good idea.  If you fall in they can get waterlogged.

Jewelry really isn’t necessary but if you’re so inclined, grab your trusty long coral necklace since it looks so.

Sandals are popular but they may not provide the traction necessary for safety on the boat deck and at dockside.  Better to have a non-marking sole with a good rubber grip.  Some running shoes leave marks.  If you track a black trail on a boat’s deck, you may not be invited back!  Never wear street shoes on a boat either.

If you sail, buy a pair of sailing gloves to protect your hands.

If you anticipate boating in rough weather, it’s good to have a slicker, pants and boots that have a lace around the top to prevent water from getting in.  You will want material that breathes so it won’t hold in your perspiration.

Under law, skippers have to have a wearable personal flotation device for every one on a boat.